Nike Grid

Real world game where players ran between phone boxes; those who ran the quickest were crowned the winner of that postcode.

Awarded - Campaign Big Awards Nike Grid, Sport and Leisure, 2 x Silver for Interactive and Campaign Cannes Lion, 2011 Nike Grid, Shortlisted Clearchannel Outdoor Award, 2011 Nike GRID, Grand Prize and Winner, Best use of Innovation in Outdoor MediaGuardian Innovation Awards, 2011 Nike GRID, Winner Marketing Week Nike GRID, Travel and Leisure, Winner, 2011 New York Festivals, 2011 Nike GRID, Bronze World Medal, Integrated Campaign Magazine, 2010 Nike GRID, Third best digital campaign for 2010. Creative Showcase, 2010 Nike GRID, Winner Eurobest Awards, 2010 Nike GRID, Silver Award, Integrated Campaign Big Award, 2010 Nike GRID, Finalist.

nike grid nike grid