Delicious Vs

Delicious the bookmarking service. It is also the best social network I use for finding great links – Better than Digg? Stumbleupon? I think so.

The ability to create a network of likeminded people and view their bookmarks is the killer feature. But recently it has become overrun by links from If you use this service, then any link from a tweet get’s automatically added to Delicious. Great you say – A total timesaver.

Indeed it is, but now my Delicious network is full of untagged tweets and way too much noise. So I had to start unfollowing people from Delicious to get my network feed back to normal.

Then I thought that was a bit annoying because those people still gave good linkage inbetween the torrent of

So I did something about it – I created my own version of the Delicious network page that filters out any links.

It uses the JSON feed for my network, then parses it with a little bit of PHP. I used PHP as my host runs this and it has super easy JSON decoding function. It doesn’t exactly replicate the actual delicious network page as annoyingly the feed doesn’t include all of the data. So I’ll explore trying to adding in those elements through the Delicious API.

If anyone wants to run the script, feel free to download the source and deploy it. You’ll need change a couple of variables in the code…which was written in about 20 minutes so don’t expect masterful class construction here.

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