Capture your life in data

I’ve been having a few chats with people recently who are starting to dabble with Twitter – They get it great but now it has come to the point where I’m wondering how do I get them to think that it is not just a way of having a conversation.

It is a transport  mechanism for carrying any sort of message Рbe that human conversation, computer messages, collating messages or sending messages.

How can I show the value of messages?

My good friend Mike Stenhouse created Out of five – a beautifully elegant way to capture reviews. You tweet in the name of the gig/film/book with a rating (out of five) and a short review.

@oo5 Coraline 4.0 simply wonderful

You have a record of what you’ve experienced with a date and a way of getting at that data later (through your own rss feed). Also a brilliant social aspect kicks in as the reviews are trasmitted through twitter so if you are following a person who reviews something – you see their review and could find a way into OO5 that way. Also all the reviews collated together and you start to see other peoples reviews of the things you like – You could follow those people as they could be your influencers if you share the same tastes.

Nathan from flowing data has been beta testing your flowing data for a little while and now it has launched. The mechanic to OO5 is very similar but it is more open in terms of what it records – In that you can record any metric – If you want to track your weight you just tweet –

d yfd weigh 160

Again all that data you send in can be extracted and the other benefit is that data visualisations can be generated straight from the site.

Beautiful stuff.

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