Coders are the new rockstars – Tools

Tools (Any further recommendations please send my way as this list is no means definitive)

ProcessingThe environment of all the experts – I think processing is very easy to pick up and learn but you will need to work at writing code. The forthcoming ‘Beautiful Data’ book might be a good way in.

Many EyesA very usable way to create quite straightforward datavisualisationsCreated by IBM.

FlareA set of libraries for Flash which let you prototype visualisations – you do need Flash knowledge for this.

Arduino – Linking physical objects to the internet a la ‘Physical Internet’ has really started to interest me and there is a growing crowd of people ‘Doing it with others’ – The Arduino is a very simple to use piece of electronics that can be flashed to control devices or transmit data to the internent. Thanks to Make and Instructables – There has never been an easier time to break out the soldering iron and get building.

Yahoo Pipes – Even non coders can start to play with data – Using Yahoo pipes you can take all sorts of data feeds and aggregate them together to manipulate them.

Flowing Data – Nathan is a curator of data and  stats – Flowing data is a superb resource for more traditional forms of data vis. He also created ‘your flowing data’ which is a system of capturing data through a mobile interface and twitter. Sort of like daytum.

Serial Cosign -A great resource.

Visual Complexity – A great resource.

Infosthetics – A great resource.

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