The Mother Of All Funk Chords

I’m a sucker for a good video mashup and my jaw just hit the floor when I saw these ThruYOU mashups – Scour youtube for thousands of music clips – stitch them back together to compose a visual song – Instant eye/ear candy.

The coherence of the finished pieces really raised the game for this type of mashup – Funk, Bouzouki Drum and Bass, Dub – All styles put into the visual blender.

As a special mention – Mr Hopkinson did something on similar grounds last year but with a live performance of Beardyman. He layered the audio and video together to create an incredible video with bags of style.

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“Monkey Jazz” : BEARDYMAN & mr_hopkinsonā„¢

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V&A Home Sweet Home

The V&A had a late opening last week which was a triumph of exploration and entertainment. One of the many many events to partake was a very amusing take on ‘Cluedo’. On starting the game you were given a detective pack with the following instructions.


The task at hand was to retrieve 10 cards which would reveal the killer, location and weapon of ‘Jim’ – a faithful doggy. Also included in the pack was a map of the museum with all the clues needed to find the cards.


Along the route through the museum were lots of entertaining events – films, postcard making, surreal chairs etc and after a lot of sleuthing we grabbed nearly all of the cards (some were missing by the time we found them).


The ‘game’ was brilliant – There really wasn’t a game at all – It was just a very very entertaining way to guide people round the museum to take in the multitude of activities.

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Super Mario Galaxy

The wonderful British Gas ‘Planet Home’ advert directed by Guilherme Marcondes is great. It is lovingly crafted and makes me forget that British Gas are not a bunch of money grabbing bastards by selling me their rapidly dwindling supply of natural gas but in fact very very nice people – so nice infact they are putting wind farms on other planets and abusing those instead – hurrah.

What struck me though was just how the ad resembled a certain italian plumbers adventures in the utterly brilliant ‘Super Mario Galaxy’. Probably a total coincidence but it was quite interesting to think there was some influence there. Check the pics.

Super Mario Galaxy



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