New Mix on Jazzman Radio!

I went to Jazzman’s studios the other day and laid down an hour of the usual weird gear. Good laugh it was too!

Listen here!

Tracklisting -

La Ragazza Fuoristrada Cantata per Maryam Sound Workshop Italian library
America Giovane Spiralys Leo Italian library
Pyranha Soleil Epsilon Swiss funky prog
The Pawnshop The Telegraph is Calling RRC Italian sitar funk
Jean-Claude Vannier L’Enfant au Royaume des Mouche Suzelle cult French orch
Le Allucinazion LSD Disco Psichedelico CDI Italian/Ethiopean madness
The Boss Music Rolly Rock Soleil Masque French library
Jess & James A Man’s Symphony Belter DUtch drums
Don Shinn Temples with Prophets Columbia French psychedelique
Bennys Badekar Blaekspruttesangen Fiasco Danish cartoon music
The Pawnshop My Shade RRC Italian funk
Bernard Bonnier Vero La Toto Amaryllis Canadian electronic/concrete
Echoing America Coast to Coast SR Italian library
Quinteplus El Marques EMI Argentinian funky fusion
Understood Cartridge Freesound French library jazz